A/C retrofit kits - unsure


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Angry A/C retrofit kits - unsure

I have a 1992 Dodge Grand Caravan. The A/C does not work. My neighbor happened to pick up a retrofit kit and said he would give it to me to use and he would get another one. It is an Interdynamic kit.
I am a little hesitant to tackle this job because I not sure if it will work. I don't think I have a leak but maybe electrical. Then I checked a website on this matter and it said if you have dual port A/C front and rear (which I have) do not use this kit.
Does anyone have any suggestions about using these kits. It might not be worth the trouble for an older vehicle.

Thanks Golfnut
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No. Those "Kits" are crap and should be taken off the market. They do more harm than good.

At minimum to do an R134A conversion:

1) New receiver dryer.
2) Flush of the old compressor oil and replacement with 134A compatible oil.
3) All O-rings/seals/gaskets to newer 134A compatible ones
4) New A/C hoses that are barrier type...especially on Chryslers as they are prone to having the hoses rot away and turn to dust.

Additionally, it still may cool poorly as the system is not designed for 134A, it was designed with R12 in mind.

Find out the actual problem with the system now, repair it and recharge it with R12. Better in the long haul.
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Dan Meyer
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JoeF is absolutely correct. I have done a few conversions and it's not at all simple. Those so called "kits" will do a lot of harm. I'm surprised that they are allowed to sell them.
The best advice I can give is that if the parts (evaporator, condensor, compressor, etc) are in good condition and it's just leaking, then the best and cheapest way is to fix the leak and recharge with R-12.
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thanks for your insight guys

Thanks for your help on the A/C retrofit question. That puts my mind at ease and I gave the kit back to my neighbor.


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