Saturn wagon emissions


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Saturn wagon emissions

I have a 1993 saturn wagon sw2. Its a 1.9 L with a twin cam. It has

135,000 miles. I have had emission tests twice now. The last time the

tester finished and my cars temperature was in the red zone. He thought

I failed because the car was running too hot. I've had the radiator fluid

changed by the dealer about a year ago. The first test I failed the HC.

My car read .9412 and the limit was .8000 grams/miles. Then I changed

my spark plugs, changed my valve cover gaskets and changed the oil.

I then tested again and failed the HC ( 1.0210) and failed the CO (I got

a 15.180 and the limit is 15.000). Both times I passed the NOx emission.
When the car is stopped and the A/C is on it runs cooler and the fan

engages. But when I sit without the A/C it heats up considerably.

Any help? I have one more attempt.
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Saturn's fan design is that the fan comes on almost in the red zone. It says so in the owner's manual. I think it stinks, but it's the way it is.

I would suggest a new O2 sensor, and both coolant switches (the one for the fan and the one for the computer...they are right there together in the upper radiator hose parts from Saturn...)

The inspection machine/setup should have an auxiliary fan to aid in cooling on the dyno (at least in NY most do). What state?

If you are failing on HC and CO, that is not due to hot running temps (NOx would be, but you said you passed that part). HC is unburned fuel, and CO is partially burned fuel.

I would:

1) Change the plugs.
2) Change the wires.
3) Clean the EGR valve (although you passed NOx, so you're probably ok here)
4) Change both coolant sensors and the O2 sensor.
5) Change all the fluids and filters (make sure your air filter is not stuffed with dirt, this will alter the air fuel mixture).
6) Have it pretested to see if it's ok.

Another possibility at this point is likely too. MAJOR slack in the timing chain. It's about time for that on this engine. It's about a 300 dollar kit from Saturn, all new guides, chain, revised guides with oiling holes (the originals don't have it), as well as gaskets, bolts, etc. This is a "major" service on Saturn. Also the water pump should be done at the same time this is done.

My inspection guy sometimes puts the A/C on to run the fan when he does the dyno test.

I had my Saturn inspected in early July. Passed with flying colors. It was 92 the day it was done...NOx a little high, but still half the limit!

Something's wrong somewhere. Does your car use oil between oil changes? If so, that might explain the high HC (as oil is a hydrocarbon). Some machines would detect that...and Saturns are known for oil burning issues.

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