1997 Taurus Transmission


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Question 1997 Taurus Transmission

The transmission on this 1997 Taurus won't go into 3rd gear.

The warning light gives the code P0761. A transmission garage charge over $300 to replace the solenoids, but the warning light is still giving the same code and the car won't switch to 3rd gear.

This same garage is saying that the transmission may need to be overhauld or replace.

I'm also thinking it could be the PCM since it controls the shifting, but I don't have any way to test it.

Any suggestions on what the most likely suspect is?
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Could be anything, but the shop owes you 300 dollars back if they charged you for the solenoids and that did not fix the problem at hand. Tell them to use the diagnostic scanner better. Also, make sure they use the scanner and reset the codes that they "fixed" by changing the solenoid.

Check www.alldata.com for known technical bulletins/recalls on this problem if any.

I thought Ford was done with Taurus transmissions that puke out well before they should (the first generation Taurus/Sable models were piss poor in this department).
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Ding, ding, ding, we have a TSB:


I guessed as to whether your car is a SOHC (8th vin digit is a U) or a DOHC model 3.0L

Either way, it seems that the trouble code you mention comes up if you page down into the bulletins.

I suggest that the shop you had do the work get a copy of the bulletin from their Alldata machine or the local Ford dealer. That should guide them a bit.

As I said, I thought Ford learned their lesson with puking transmissions in Tauruses .
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I couldn't have said it better Joe!! Do exactly as Joe has mentioned,he's right on the money.Also since it's a 1997 it's what's called obd2 and the codes must be cleared with a scan tool or the computer will stay in failure mode.
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Isn't "Ford" and "failure mode" redundant? Sorry Fordtech, couldn't resist.

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