'89 Honda Hard Start

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'89 Honda Hard Start

1989 Honda LXI 4-cyl.

Problem: Doesn't want to start after sitting awhile. But will start after continued attempts. Sounds like it is out of gas, but isn't.

Doesn't sound like an electrical problem.

Any help, appreciated. More info supplied upon request.



more info: Timing Belt replaced 2 years ago. Tech said that when the Belt goes out it always messes the Water Pump. So, he says, he replaced the Water Pump. HE showed me a Water Pump, supposedly the one from my car, that had a hole in it. The hole appeared as if it had been made with a drill. In other word, I think this man ripped me off. QUESTION: what does the Timing Belt have to do with the Water Pump?
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Mechanic is 1000% correct on the water pump. The water pump when it goes soaks the timing belt with coolant ruining it. And, if you gamble by chincing out and not changing the pump when you do the belt, you're asking for double labor not too long thereafter.

As for the hard starts, these vintage Hondas weren't worth a darn with distributors, igniters, and other ignition components. There have been many changes/upgrades/supersessions on most of the parts in the ignition system.

Check www.alldata.com for known bulletins/recalls that pertain to igniters, coils and other ignition woes.
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FYI,Terry all water pumps have the hole,its put there during manufacturing.I always change the pump or refuse the repair by the way.
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thanks Joe and davo.

Still, the mechanic told me that the hole, that you say is put there in manufacturing, was pointed out by the mechanic as being the problem.

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Have you checked the fuel pressure when starting it after it sits for a while? If the lines are bleeding down from a bad check valve, it may take a while for it to come back up to pressure and enable it to start-

The hole is a weep hole that will seep coolant if the seals go, but if he was telling you the hole itself was the problem, maybe he figured it was an expedient explanation to justify it to you. The pumps are generally an inexpensive item compared to the labor to go back in again, so it's best to replace it while it's open.
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similar problem on hot days

My 1990 honda starts fine when it is cool, but on very hot days, I have to crank and crank and crank before it starts. Sometimes this happens first thing in am, other times after being off for only a few minutes. My mechanic could find nothing wrong. Any ideas?
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Same thing as mentioned to this poster...ignition issues on 1990 as well as 1989 models of Hondas. See above.

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