hard engine start

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hard engine start

My 92 Isuzu Rodeo, 84,000 miles, went into the shop for hard start problems...it would take about 5-7 tries to get the engine started puting alot of strain on the battery and starter. Mechanics plugged into their diagnostic machine and referenced no codes, proceded to clean the fuel injectors worked good, temporarily, but then I was having problem starting during the daytime, too...took it back to them and they replaced the temp sensor on the intake manifold, worked good for that day, but next morning, hard start again. Vehicle runs great in idle, on the go, high speeds, just having problem getting it started. Scenerio: turn key, vroom, stop, turn key, vroom, stop, etc. after 6th attempt I'll hold the peddle to the floor and it might start with high rpms and gradually stabilize but not always, sometimes I'll walk away for a few minutes just to give the battery and starter a breather. Someone told it was my battery (not enough cranking amps). Someone told me it was my fuel injectors leaking after shutdown, but when I look at it while its running I see fuel dumping into the TBI system isn't this suppose to happen? I took the vehicle back to them I can see their faces they are just as lost. I paid for a service and its not working I know its puting a strain on their workload howlong can I keep this going until I ask for my money back and try somewhere else? Anyway I'm so close to taking a shotgun to this car...not the mechanics.
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well a little more details as in what size engine is in your vehicle.
does this problem only occur when the vehicle is first started for the day.
it sounds as if the shop you are taking it to is just guessing, has the problem ever occured while it was at the shop?
i would suggest you find a different shop that is willing to correctly diagnose the problem and it may mean leaving the vehicle overnight if the problem only occurs when first started for the day.
does the vehicle start and die or just crank over and does not start?
you should see fuel coming from injectors with vehicle running that is normal, but after its shut off you shouldnt see any fuel coming from injectors not even a slow drip.
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Sounds like no fuel to inj. Pos bad fuel pump relay.Check to see if the inj, are pulsing fuel in tbi unit. May need to hook up fuel pressure gauge and check it in the moring under a no start. --------Are take bejays advice and find another shop. Good luck----------------Dave---------
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I agree with these guys. The shop is changing parts. They are the one doing the "shotgunning". Parts can be checked for fault before being damned as bad.

Find another shop that is willing to do as BeJay stated.

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