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Angry vehicle electrical problem

1992 Subaru Legacy L
4 cyl, automatic

About 6 months ago, I noticed while driving that my brake light and my battery light were flashing as I was driving. It had only done it a couple of times and than not again until about 2 weeks ago. It now does it quite a bit about 10-15 minutes into my drive, and more often. Last week I had the alternator checked (it was good) and I had the battery replaced because it was very low. I was hoping that this would solve the problem but was wrong. Now instead of just flickering, the battery and brake light will stay on for about 5-10 seconds at a time. Last night I started the car and went from the engine to the trunk wiggling wires to see if any of them were grounding out. I was unsuccessful on finding any bad wires. The problem persists. I have noticed one thing. When the brake and battery light do come on for more than 5 seconds I can tap my brakes and they will stop flickering. I have checked my back brake wires and can find no fault in them. The driving conditions are normal and it only happens while I am driving for more than 10 minutes, and at speeds over 40 mph.
The temp is normal as well as the car running conditions. When the brake and battery lights start to flicker the headlights will flicker as well.

Please help me find my problem, I cannot afford another vehicle.
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well if you have a voltmeter i would suggest hooking it up to the battery and driving the car to see what the readings are when the lights come on although you have tested the alternator and it showed good it still may be malfunctioning intermintantly either by under or overcherging. possible voltage regulator which may be an internal part in the alternator im not sure on your subaru.

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