A strange windhsield problem ...


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Question A strange windhsield problem ...


I am encountering a strange windshield problem ... spots (like watermarks) appear on the windshield when the wipers are used. The strange thing is that these spots appear only when the windshield is wet and is wiped (with a cloth or the wiper). The spots disappear as the windshield dries ...

I have tried a number of things:

1. Cleaning the windshield with shampoo, vinegar etc.

2. Application of Rain-X

3. Rubbing intensively with a clean soft cloth

I am going crazy with this ... the damn spots impair visibility tremendously, especially at night when oncoming headlights reflect off them.

Can someone help?

PS. - The car I am talking about is a 2002 Opel Astra (General Motors). The car is still under warranty and has had no accidents/ part replacements so far.
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Have you changed the wiper blades?
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Windshield Problem

I have changed the wiper blades many times - thats the first thing I did. The problem remains ...

I'm taking the car to the dealer today ... will keep you people posted on any solution I get (or the action taken).

Do post a reply if anyone has any inputs I can use ...

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sounds like it may be a deffective windshield causing an airpocket in the layers of glass which fog up when wet and cannot be removed due to it being fogged up inside the glass layers.
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Airpockets in Glass

Hi Bejay,

Thanks for the post ... sounds plausible ... is it really possible? Airpockets in glass I mean ... never heard of it though ...

Perhaps you have a little more information that I could refer to ...

Any solution for these damn airpockets?


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Plausible and happens.

Just bring it back to the dealer, and explain. It is a brand new car. When they see what you are talking about, they will probably just change the windshield at no charge under warranty.
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darrell McCoy
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windshield spots

Have seen a lot of new cars with this problem. My theory is it happens if auto sets on lots for extended period of time. Either acid rain or hard water spots. Like Joe sez, see dealer. They may have an approved method for cleaning/polishing. But I have read where bon-ami or mixing baking soda with water to make a mild liquid solution might help. I would only try it on a small spot first, not inline of vision. Never use anything as abrasive as comet cleanser, else you may have a lot of nite time "Sparklers"
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Hard water spots and/or mineral deposits are easily removed with a dilute solution of muriatic acid & water.

One of our fleet storage locations is in an underground parking garage. Our cars constantly get stained w/ calcium deposits from the wet concrete above. We've used the acid & water solution for years with no problems.
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I agree that its probably hard water spots or mineral deposits. Cerium oxide also works well as a polishing compound for glass.
Many auto glass shops have scratch removal equipment which can also be used to remove stains from your windshield.

Do you have your car professionally detailed? I have seen several cases of detail shops unintentionally staining windshields with liquid waxes, etc. Just another possibility.
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Joe, Darell, Knuckles and Merlo - Thanks a lot for your replies.

All causes suggested seem a distinct probability tho the one Knuckes suggested about calcium stains from wet concrete seems the most distinct possibility.

Come to think of it, the car was parked in the vicinity of a building that was bieng renovated. There was dust, concrete and lots of water (rain) being blown around by the wind (its VERY windy there).

Strangely, there are no stains on the vehicle body though ... its a black car and spots would have been easily visible. Or is it that calcium stains from concrete dont stain painted surfaces/ metal?

As for the solution (muriatic acid & water), where can I get the acid you mentioned? Is it sold under any other name? What composition should i buy? what combination should i mix (portions of acid to portions of water)? What base rules for application should i follow? will any spill off onto the painted surace (body) cause any damage?

Those are many questions i know ... but please help ...

thanks again.

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I would have the dealer handle it. This is a BRAND NEW vehicle. You paid for a warranty. Let the dealer go the extra mile for you.

Muriatic Acid is available at any hardware store under that name.
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You can get a gallon of the muratic acid at any pool supply its the stuff I use to change the PH.

CAUTION this stuff is very corrosive and will eat metal fast.DO not breath it
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As Joe_F and michael van have stated, you can get muriatic acid at any hardware or pool supply store. Home Depot & Lowes both sell it, but you may have a hard time finding it there. They hide it in the paint department.

We typically use a 10:1 water/acid ratio when cleaning hard water spots & mineral deposits from our cars. We use the same solution to remove mineral deposits from the paint as well. It won't harm OEM paint if you use it carefully & rinse thoroughly when you're done.

As always, read & heed all warning labels & safety precautions. Wear safety glasses & skin protection when working with acid. It's nasty stuff!

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