89 barretta : hesitation


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89 barretta : hesitation

I have a 1989 chevy Barreta that is very hesitant. it runs great from a stop but as you accelerate it kind of stumbles between 20 - 30 mph and you have to give it quite a bit of gas to help it accelerate. i have installed new plugsand wires but that did nothing, and i replaced the fuel filter but that didn't help. any suggestions. the engine only has 62,000 miles on it.
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Before doing this procedure be sure that the engine is cold. Also remove the negative terminal to be on the safe side. Check the EGR valve. It maybe clogged with carbon. Be sure to install new gasket. What brand of plugs, filter & cable did you install? Good luck on the repairs. Keep me posted. Joe Cool can help you more he is a GM guru.

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Check the links and posts in my signature file for some ideas.

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