1994 Explorer/different problem


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Susan Bailey
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1994 Explorer/different problem

1994 Explorer/2-wheel drive/4.0/manual trans.

Problem: When I go over bumps or rough places in the road there is a definite metal to metal knock. I have gotten under the vehicle and located the problem but do not know what it is called. I have looked at manuals, alldata, etc. but cannot see what it is. There is a part,"bar?", about 8 inches wide, metal, that extends from one side underneath to the other. On each side there are two, what look like really fat washers, maybe the size of doughnuts, with a bolt goin through them. On the left side it looks fine. On the right side the "washer" is split and coming off, hence where the metal knocking sound is coming from. I would just like to know what it is called so I could see if I could repair it or if someone stronger would have to do it.

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It maybe the anti roll bar that you are talking about. Or it could be the leaf spring. Is it on the front or @ the back. Maybe Joe Cool can help you more. If you want to tackle this by yourself, I would suggest to make safety as the first priority. Take care. I admire your handiness.

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Rear stabilizer bar and links. Replace the bushings and hardware as required with quality parts.

Should be available aftermarket, if not, hit the Ford dealer for the needed parts. Shouldn't be too hard of a repair.
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Susan Bailey
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Better explanation of where it is

First of all the problem is in the front. There is a part, (probably about 1 1/2 to 2 foot long), attached under each shock, and it goes back to the "bar" and is attached to it on either side. This is where the fat washers, (I believe they are made out of rubber), are that have bolts that go through them and attach them to the bar. The bar that it is attached to is bolted together in the center by four bolts. (Just for the sake of location, it runs under the exhaust pipe that goes to the muffler. It has nothing to do with the exhaust or muffler.)
The right sides big rubber washers are worn out. Why I don't know.

Does this help any?

Thank you all,
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the radius arm insulators do fall out with age and can cause a noise and is about the size of a doughnut, go here and look it up it has several exploded views of the front suspension and see if it is what you are talking about.

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