warning lights

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warning lights

1998 Oldsmobile Achieva 6 cylinder 3100 engine 63000miles I.ve been having trouble starting my car lately, espically after i driven it for awhile, In the morning its dosen't what too turn over,without a jump.the weather been pretty hot here in the high 90's. i do alot of city driving and i mean alot , sometimes i'm called steve's taxi but i'm not a taxi driver i 'm just on the road alot (family) about a week ago my ABS light come on , this happen when i leave the car at a idle for long periods of time about a half hour afew minutes later the bake light comes on, this all happen after i've been driving for a couple of hours. I turn the car of too reset the lights but the car won't start. I've aleady go though two alternator this one is my third this one was put in but the dealership i had new brakes put in last year on all four wheels also had the brake lines change on the front. Would the ABS, cause a alternator to go bad why won't it start the battery is new please help thank you
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Kindly punctuate and grammartize your posts, they are quite tough to decipher.

Sounds like a drain on the battery. Back to the dealership and have them do a drain test to see what is killing the battery. If the battery is original, its past due now for a new one. Pitch it for a Delco replacement.

A charging system issue will cause things to go haywire, so rectify that. Make sure the connections are sound and also check www.alldata.com for any bulletins or recalls that might pertain to this problem.

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