93 mazda carburator float adjustment

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Question 93 mazda carburator float adjustment

I drive 93 mazda b2200 pick up. 2.2l carburated engine. It has become difficult to start and tends to stall out when taking off from a stop. Been tinkering around and noticed the gas is barely visible through the sight glass. I see the marking of where is should be, but have no clue where the adjustment screw is. My Haynes manual is no help as far as locating the screw. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, fuel filter is fairly new and not clogged. I have not tested the fuel pump, but do not think it is the problem. My impression of the problem is simply an out of adjustment carburator. Agree?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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fuel filter is fairly new and not clogged

Curious here, did it do this before the filter was changed? Has filter got an arrow showing inlet and outlet? I'm wondering if the filter is in backwards and if that may be causing the problem.
I have two of these trucks, '88 and '97, but neither is carburated. Accelerator pump? Carburator clogging up? Plugs and wires in good shape?
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Don't attempt carburetor adjustment on these without the proper tools, service literature and know how. You'll make it worse. These are very pesky carbs.

Likely to need a rebuild at this point in time. The rebuilding kit should come with good instructions.

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