1991 Camry Idle Problem


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Gary Wright
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1991 Camry Idle Problem

91 Camry, 4cyl (3VZ-FE Calif.) . 5-speed manual trans. Engine idle will suddenly increase to approx. 1600 rpm for a period of about 5 sec.then return to normal idle. This can happen once at a light, or repeatedly while driving at rpms lower than 1600. I checked and cleaned all sensor conn-
ections and checked the (ISC) idle speed control
valve per the manual and it checked out O.K. This
problem has no pattern of repeatability, hot, cold
it can happen any time. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.
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Did you check for trouble codes? How about dirt in the throttle chamber?
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Gary Wright
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First of all, thanks for the replay. Yes, I did check the trouble codes, which on this engine system consists of placing a jumper wire between two terminals in the diagnostic block, and observing the number, and duration of light flashes on the instrument panel, which indicated that all was well. However, I will check for any build up in the throttle body.

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