Acura Integra 1992 A/C electical problems

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Unhappy Acura Integra 1992 A/C electical problems

Hi, I have a Acura Integra [specs posted below ]. It's a preowned vihicle i just bought. It have A/C control problems

Problem #1
The knob for controlling the blowing fan have 4 blowing level [1] [2] [3] [4] respectively. Only the 3rd and 4th would wotk, the 1st and 2nd dont work at all, When I turn it on to 1st or 2nd I noticed the engine RPM go down a bit [tested in parking position]

Problem #2
The button for [recirculation] and [fresh air] dont work evrytime i push it, it sometime work some time don't, I suspect there is a electrical problem or the whole controlling unit. Also, I should mention the motor WORK just fine.

If i bring this to a shop, about how much would it cost :-\ I just paid 300 bucks for oil,belt and brake service kinna short on $$$. Any links to diagrams for A/C component for 1992 ACURA INTEGRA will be a big help (*_*)

My vihicle INFO:
VIN: JH4DA9469NS022185
Year/Make/Model: 1992 ACURA INTEGRA GS
Body Style: Hatchback 2 DR
Engine Type: 1.7L L4 PFI DOHC VTEC
Manufactured In: JAPAN
Transmission: Automatic
Max RPM: 9000 RPM
Recent repair : Oil filter, ALL belts, Brakes

Thank you for your time, I really appreciated
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The blower motor resistor is probably the cause of no lower fan speeds. Common problem.

As for the A/C problem, could be a bad swictch itself. Might want to jump it out. If it works all the time, the switch is bad. Shouldn't be that expensive from Acura.

As for the cost of the whole thing repaired, depends on what is wrong and what they charge for parts.
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Thanks for the reply, Im going to search for way to fix the resistor as for the switch, the ac recirculation/fresh air are two electronic buttons I tried to opened it up an hour ago, they wont come out. Also the blower 4 air speed level worked fine 1 week ago, now it suddenly stopped working for the 2 lower button.

If I cant find any way to fix it myself, the auto repair shop is probably my only option, this's my first car (*_*)

Thanks again Joe

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