Geo Prism faulty starting


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Unhappy Geo Prism faulty starting

This is a strange problem that is driving me crazy and I will be so very grateful for any and all advice about how to correct this situation. It is a 1990 Geo Prism straight gear that sometimes starts just fine and other times is totally dead when I turn the key. Total silence. No grinding or sputtering - just silence. Then I push it downhill and release the clutch and start it. Sometimes it will go days and eveb weeks and start perfectly every time and then for no reason just stops. The battery is new and has been checked out, The connections to the battery are clean and solid. The fluid is full in the battery. One other thing that might help. Sometimes when I have my foot on the clutch and the car in gear and turn the ignition nothing happens -- but when I put it in neutral it starts fine. I was told by a mechanic that I paid over $65 for that it wasn't the battery and it isn't the starter. I don't know what to do. I am baffled. I am too old and fat to be pushing this car to start it and would love to solve the mystery. Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give me. I am so close to wanting to push it into a lake and walking away!
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This is really a Corolla......Corolla starters of those years are marginal at best. They fail often. Not familar with gm remans, so I recommend a Toyota reman

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Check the clutch safety switch on the clutch pedal. It could be faulty.

Barring that, to answer Larry's question:

Delco rebuilts are excellent, even for this application. They may even rebox a ND rebuilt unit in there for this one.
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I agree with Joe it sounds like the clutch safety switch going south. Good luck on the repairs. Keep us posted.

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Thanks for all the quick responses. But for a person who only knows how to put gas in the car, change a tire, and the oil -- would I just go to a NAPA or Auto Zone and ask for a "clutch safety switch" for a '90 Geo Prism? Or would I go to a junk yard and ask for one? It seems like this would be a procedure that a certified mechanic would have to perform, is that correct? I appreciate all these answers. From your posts I can see I am getting closer to solving the problem than from the mechanic I paid $65. Thanks again.
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That's it. Or any GM/Toyota dealer (as this is a Corolla in disguise).

Just tell them your problem and they should be able to look up the needed part.

Let us know.
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