toyota camry heater core leak


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toyota camry heater core leak

I have a '93 camry that has, I assume, a heater core that is leaking.
I looked under the dash but can't see the heater core. Anybody know where it is loacted and how to change it? I assume it's the heater core. The floor is all wet. I think it might be leaking only wen the AC is on.

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well chech your engine coolant is it low?
does it look like antifreeze or water it is possible that the evapotayor drain for the a/c may be plugged causing water from the evaporator to go inside the car instead of draining under the car out of the drain hole, the drain should be located under the hood at the firewall and usually in close proximity to where the a/c lines go into the firewall.
as far as your heater core goes it is under there somewhere see if you can find any info on installing it here if you determine it is leaking.
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I agree with BeJay.

If it leaks with the A/C on, you have a clogged A/C drain not a leaky heater core.
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Pull back the rug by the right front of the console. The drain is right there and it exits through the floor

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Thanks Guys!!

bejay, Joe_F, toyotaman11769,

Ha! You guys are dead on! My coolant tank is full. I pulled back the carpet on the passsenger side near the middle of the car, saw a rubber hose, pulled out the hose from the floor of the car...nothing came out. I then disconnected it from the other end and then "bam", a bunch of water came out. Obviously, the hose was plugged, I got a chopstick and cleared out the junk. You guys are great!! Probably saved me several hundred bucks from a "rip-off" mechanic who probably did the same thing I did and then would've charged me for a heater core replacement.

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Thumbs up

Good job, glad you got it working.

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