Oil light!


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Oil light!


I live in Canada and have the following car:

1995 VW Golf CL
1.8L engine
Manual transmission

I have had the following recent repairs:
Two new tires, replaced after only two years. I am told that they are not wearing properly as they do not sit on the ground properly -- probably due to a front end or alignment problem.

The third (!) muffler on the car (I mean the ENTIRE exhaust system!). I still need to get the catalytic converter replaced as well (which will wreck the new muffler as well if I don't hurry up and get it done -- just a matter of $$$$ right now -- I'm sure you can relate). I have quite a bit of dark smoke when I start the car. Is this due to the CC problem?

Finally, my current problem is that the oil light comes on and beeps -- not all the time, just now and then -- usually when I am turning sharp corners, but sometimes it just comes on and goes for quite a while, and then stops. The car appears to be leaking oil as well, and sometimes it smells quite bad -- like something is burning -- possibly oil or something else...

Anyway, sorry for being longwinded, but if there is something I can do myself to rectify this problem, that would be great!

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Find the source of the oil leak and correct it. That is why the oil light is on. Driving with the light on can lead to severe engine damage...if it's not damaged internally already.

A bad catalytic converter is caused by something. Something stuffs it up...too much fuel (rich mixture or sensor/engine internal failure), burning oil or antifreeze (internal problems) or physical damage (hitting something and crushing it. However, the cause for failure must be determined or the new converter will suffer the same fate.

It sounds like the car is in very poor shape and could benefit from a thorough going over such as fluids and filters, tune up and a general once over to bring it to acceptable mechanical condition once again. It will be somewhat costly based on your description of the problems presented here.

You can check the autolibrary link I have below for some ideas, but a basic service as mentioned above would be a start.
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do you check the oil level on the dipstick regurally? My wife has a 2000 jetta, and she refuses to. Ignorant? Yes, however she argues that she has a new car, and should not have to worry about losing oil. In a perfect world she would be right. However she also states that is what I am for. Oh well if all else fails just add a quart when you hear the valves...Just kidding.

FYI VW put out a memo telling us that it is "NORMAL" oil consumption to burn off a quart every 1000 miles!! I argued left and right, till they showed me it in print!!!

VW=laskluster quality, poor engineering, and bad build quality. I have not even gotten into all the interior probs the car has had.

Your oil light is on because you are low. IMO, get another car if you can.
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