a/c again


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a/c again

have a 97 plymouth voyager with a 3.0 ltr. engine. my compressor went so i put a new one in and took it to a shop and had them evacuate, charge it, etc. it's been great for about 2 months. now, it seems to be blowing warm air when you turn it on. if you drive the car for about a half hour or so it finally starts to get cold ( not as cold as it used to be but it is fairly cold). any idea what this could be. i'm hoping that i didn't get a bum compressor. the compressor turns on and it sounds fine. thanks for the input
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The compressor went bad and probably shot debris into the sightglass/expansion block. This would be common with compressor failure...the debris goes somewhere.

Depends on what you told the shop. If you said, "Charge it up", they did what you asked them for. However, the job of changing the compressor shouldn't end there.

Need more detail.
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Don't they have to vac it out before you do any work on them?
I'm going to R&R the condenser on my 90 Camry, and I was told to have it sucked out before I do it.
Also - what about R134a, is that now a required retrofit on these old steamers??
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The shop will do what you ask them to , which was likely to recharge it. If debris from the old compressor clogged things up, problems will surface later on.

There are shops that will not work on vehicle systems like that which have been tampered with by other folks including the owner....it may be more problems than it is worth for some shops.

As for R134A retroffiting, the answer is "it depends".

For most cars:

1) New receiver dryer/expansion block.
2) New 134A compatible O rings.
3) Flush of old oil and replacement with 134A compatible oil.
4) New barrier type hoses for better retention of 134A which works at higher pressures than R12 did.

On some vehicles it can get costly and exceed the value of the vehicle. It does not pay to fix the A/C system in a vehicle that let's say has a slipping tranny or is rotted away. It's good money after bad.
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'97 Voyager already has 134 in it from the factory.
If I were you, I would look on my ticket from the shop and see if they flushed out your ac system. If they did not, do not run the ac until you have it flushed and recharged by a shop. The trash left in your system from the old compressor will crash your new one very shortly. This is not inexpensive but it will be cheaper than buying another compressor in addition to having the flush job.
. This can be done by an experienced DIY with the proper equipment and knowledge.
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