Motor Dies!


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Motor Dies!

I'm stumped, so I am turning to the experts.

'90 Chevy Astro Mini-Van 4.3, V-6, TBI, 2wd, Auto Overdrive Trans, 110,000 Miles.

Tuned up in March with plugs, wires, pcv, cap, rotor & O2 sensor.
Last month replaced egr & egr solenoid plus map sensor & fuel filter.

After driving for 10 minutes it will buck and die. While still rolling I can start right up and continue for about another 5 to 10 minutes and it happens again. Seems to only happen over 45 mph. I think it is heat related, but have no clue where to start looking. Coil? Fuel Pump? Sensors? IAC Motor? There are no stored codes and the check engine light does not come on. Does this with A/C on or off.
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Check the fuel pressure with a regulated gauge. Make sure it's within spec.

Sometimes ignition modules can fail when they get old as they cannot dissipate the heat. Also check the pickup wires in the distributor...make sure they are not frayed or worn out...that will cause trouble too.
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Checked fuel pressure with mechanical gauge. Pressure was within specs. Put in new ignition module & pick-up. No luck. Finally broke down and took it to a shop - haven't done that in over 20 years. After 4 days of testing, they found the problem. Ignition wire to coil was exposed going thru firewall and would short out at a certain vibration - over 45 miles per hour. Cost for new wire $1.00. Cost to diagnose problem $400.00

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