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Question Automotive help

This seems like something simple to repair. But I need help. I have a 1978 Chevy Nova and the passenger door does not open using the inside handle, it will open using the outside handle. But I do want the door to work on the inside. Can anybody out there help me with this maybe even send a diagram?

I can not figure out what is causing it not to work on the inside all the linkingage and everything inside the door look good to me. I just cannot figure it out.

Thank you for your help.
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Here's a couple of things to try:

1. Remove the inner door panels on BOTH doors and make some comparisons on the linkages and their travel. This may help.

2. On the linkage in the problem door, check to see what parts are pulled or pushed when you are pulling on inside handle. Try manually pulling the proper linkage as far as you can in the "open" direction. Possible the linkage is just worn to the point that there is not enough movment in the rod to unlatch. You may be able to cure that type problem by making a slight bend in the rod to take up slack - like taking a "tuck" in a pair of pants with a waist that's too big.

Joe Cool should be by to add more.
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Tow Guy got most of what I would say.

Most GM's have plastic retainers that hold the rods in place. Likely one has broken or fallen off and is in the bottom of the door along with the rod, or the rod is flapping in the breeze.

Sometimes the door handle itself breaks into pieces. You'll have to take the door panel off and have a look in there. I believe the Nova uses the same inside door handle as my Trans Ams . Still available from GM...or any parts store should have it.

On my 84 Olds 88, this was the first thing I fixed....the rod was sitting in the bottom of the door with the fatigued clip still attached.

A .25 cent clip from GM fixed the problem in a jiffy. Been fine ever since (6 years later).
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Thanks, Joe, forgot about the little plastic doohickies.
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