Transmission Troubs


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Transmission Troubs

Holy COW! so, i take my car to Jiffy Lube and I am coming off the lot and the transmission slips. One day later, no fact, it's worse. I have the car at a transmission shop and I am waiting for them to tell me just how much :-)

2 questions:

1) Is there anything at all Jiffy Lube may have done to harm my trans or is coincidence the culprit?

2) Is there anything between "there's no problem" and "the thing needs to be rebuilt"?

There's about 2700 bucks riding on this so gratitude will flow copiously.

1998 mitsubisji galant, fwd, 90000 miles.

Thanks so much
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sure its possible that they could have done something not correctly that could of caused the problem but before you go there. how was the transmission performing before you took it to jiffy lube?
what all did jiffy lube do to your car did they do anything that involved the transmission?
if its slipping and the fluid level is correct whith the manufacturerer specified fluid then yes it usually does require a rebuild.
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I agree with BeJay. Need more detail.
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Thanks (so far) fellas. far as I can tell, all they did was the standard fluid deal. That's all i asked for. Could the wrong fluid be my problem? Is a mistake on their part sufficient to cause slipping in the trans? will the shop be able to pick that up or should I give them a heads up? The trans was fine before it went in.

Again, thanks
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Tell them what you know, it always helps. Maybe the right fluid (if this is the case) will "save" it.

It could be a concidence too. You have 90k on the clock, and if the fluid was never changed, it could have been toasted and it wiped out the tranny.

Tranny fluid should be changed every 25k along with the filter if so equipped.
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For heavens sake stay out of those quickie lube places. I learned my lesson years ago when I took my mothers 1 year old Lebaron to one for an oil change. Of course they check all the fluids, etc. Well, they left the radiator cap loose and the car overheated, all the anti-freeze went gushing out through the loose radiator cap and caused the car to blow the head gasket. Thank god it was under full factory warranty and even though it was caused by a loose radiator cap the dealer made full repairs under warranty. Most of the shops employ young kids that are barely old enough to drive and have them working on expensive cars. I for one will never go to one again.
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well, nobody'll probably read this but I thought I'd post it anyways. The end of the story is that the trans place merely determined the fluid was low. they couldn't find a leak, filled it for me, didn't charge me a cent. Good guys. They are Whitcraft Transmission in Reisterstown md. (410) 833-5752. CCBLOOME wass right. Stay away from Jiffy Lube. On the receipt, it certifies trans fluid : Full. Apparently, the knucklehead in the pit went to drain the oil and drained at least part of the trans fluid by mistake. I feel very fortunate to have been spared a $2500 zap from Whitcraft. Thanks Guys. I will return to Jiffy Lube tomorrow and give 'em what for.


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