95 chevy 1500 4.3 clutch problem


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steve crumpet
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95 chevy 1500 4.3 clutch problem

1995 chevy 1/2 ton 4.3 tbi..........replaced clutch, pressure plate, and throw out bearing 40,000 miles ago................problem now is truck is hard to shift after driving for about a hour. i replaced the clutch master, slave and bleed well........................same problem except after putting on new clutch master i had to shave down the rubber stop for the clutch pedal for it to disengage............can anybody help me??? i hope i dont have to pull tranny again.
could it be the pilot brushing?? i did not replace that when i did clutch job ................................
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You probably have some air trapped in the clutch hydraulic system. These things can be a bear to bleed properly.

Try pumping the clutch pedal about 100 times or more. This is not a joke. It often works.

If it doesn't work, take it to a shop that has a Phoenix Injector. This is a device that forces fluid in to the bleeder valve on the slave cylinder & forces air out of the clutch master cylinder.

If the problem is still present after you've done the above, suspect a mechanical problem.
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steve crumpet
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knuckle's reply to my clutch problem

knuckle would air in the clutch hydralic line cause it to only be hard to shift when truck is hot?????????
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Yes i agree with knuckles you may have air in line still. Were is the clucth padle releasing at top are bottom? You may try pumping clucth pedal fast, on top but make sure you take your foot off pedal and pump it few times and let it sit. You should be able to build up a good pedal that way. Good luck--Dave------

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