A/C causing loose of coolant


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Rick Cavazos
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Question A/C causing loose of coolant

My 94 Toy. Corolla is leaking excessive water though the drain pipe when the A/C is turned on High and as a result the radiator keeps loosing coolant. Can you tell me what is causing this and how I can fix this problem.
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Turning on your air conditioner places a greater heat load on your cooling system. It increases the temperature of the air flowing through your radiator and the compressor makes your engine work harder thus increasing the amount of heat produced. That said, you have some deficiency in your cooling system. Easiest check and least expensive to correct is the radiator cap. Has it ever been replaced? They lose their effectiveness after a while and will not maintain the proper radiator pressure. Check your fan belt - is it tight and not slipping? Have you done anything to the car recently which might be related to an overheating situation? Ignition timing advanced too far can cause overheating (and other problems too). Is there any sign of oil in your radiator coolant (a sign of leaking head gasket)?

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