oil pan bolt


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oil pan bolt

Does anyone have a good trick to get the bolt off of the oil pan when you are changing your own oil? Mine is on there good and it is almost completely stripped from the previous owner. Any suggestions?
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Stripped in that it just turns or that the ends/flats of the bolts are rounded off?
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If you don't have the proper tools, which you like don't for stripped bolts, I would just take your car in to an oil change shop, and don't say anything.

Let them take the bolt off, it should be nothing for them. Watch them do it, and when it comes time to put the bolt back in when they are done...wahlah, that is when you pull a shiny new one out of your pocket and tell them to put that in instead.
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I had the same problem

I had the samr thing happen to me some MONKEY had installed the drain plug at one of those quick oil change places and when I went to change it myself I found out it was rounded off.
I tried every thing vise grips the whole nine yards.By the time I was none and really torked off I said screw it and I went back to the oil change place and showed them what they had caused.
To make a long story short The guy could not get it off either.I told them I was not a happy camper and what should I do?
Anyway I ended going to the local muffler shop and they welded a nut to what was left of the drain plug.
cost was 5 dollars for there time.
Went back to oil change place and it came out.Got free oil change out of it but plentey of frustation and half a day wasted.
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MAN, that is one incredibly good idea!! I am going to have to remember that one!
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That bolt welding thing is a great idea. Im so sick of it at this point Im thinking of just taking it in anyway. I hate paying someone else too much to do something I can do myself. Bah.

BTW, if any of you were even thinking of buying a Neon, DON'T! I wish I had known all the problems they have before I bought it. Consumer Reports even rates it as a crap car.

Do yourself a favor and buy something reliable like a Honda.
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A small pipe wrench works very well if you've got room for it.

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