Steering wheel play in 89 dodge b150 Ram Van

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Steering wheel play in 89 dodge b150 Ram Van

Ihave a dangerous problem with excessive play in steering on my 89 dodge b150 Ram Van. All linkages are tight and the problem appears to be twofold. Not only is the gearbox loose but the connection between the steering shaft and gearbox has a lot of play. My question is how to adjust both of these problems. Any ideas on how the connector comes apart?
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The "rag joint" is probably wiped out on the truck and that is causing the looseness. This is a coupling that connects the steering column shaft to the gear box shaft.

I'm sure the gearbox has a lot of play in it.

More common though are worn suspension parts like the idler arm, ball joints, center link, etc.....those should be checked for wear first.
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It is the "ragjoint" Not really dangerous once your used to driving it that way. My buddy's '91 ramcharger was like that for years--until I finally talked him into fixing. Your friendly Dodge dealer will have the repair parts--I could not find them on the aftermarket. Really tightens up the steering--he said every dodge truck he has owned--did this.
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This is a common problem with Dodge trucks & vans of this era. The steering box *may* be able to be adjusted. See the link in Joe_F's signature file for the procedure.

The 'rag joint' must be replaced. Borgeson Universal sells an improved flex shaft assembly. This replaces the rag joint with a MUCH stronger universal joint. It's not cheap, but it'll make a world of difference in the way your van handles.

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