Grinding on the left front wheel


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Unhappy Grinding on the left front wheel

I have a 1995 Honda Civic EX (lowered) and for the past month it has been grinding everytime I drive and it also makes a carzy noise when I turn on the left front side wheel. I tried taking it to a shop but they said they can't put it on a lift being that it is dropped. I want to fix it myself but I don't know what is the exact problem. I'm thinking it may be the rotor being that it is a little worn out but will it make the grinding noise because of that. Does anyone know what might be the problem with my car.
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I don't have a CIVIC, but most of the times that I hear a grinding noise from the front, it's a brake pad that is worn to the rivets and they are grinding into the rotor. When was the last time you checked the brake pads.
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The last time was about three months ago but I do drive my car alot. I put about 80 miles a day to work.
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What brand of pads and rotors were used? If they are not Honda OEM or good qaulity aftermarket, that is the likely source of the noise.

It could also be a suspension member that is hitting or rubbing due to the lowering. I find zero benefit in lowering a car for a street driver and there are many cars like yours here in NYC and they all scrape, rub and get beat up from being too low to the ground .
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The best thing you can do is realize that it is a honda, and has no place in this world being lowered--sorry, but an economy car is just that-for economy.

Your first hint something was wrong should be the grinding. Nothing with cars is meant to sound like metal grinding on metal. That should be the first clue that you are likely about to lose your braking ability and might kill someone.

Sorry to harp on you, but I have always been real strict about cars that drive around with severe noises, and owners that seem to ignore it.
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