Dead Generator?

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Unhappy Dead Generator?

Hi all,

I've got a 1969 Beetle (?1600 cc) and it looks like the generator is dead. I've changed out the brushes, but the battery still isn't getting a charge. Is there something else I can check before I take the plunge on a new generator? Any opinions on converting to an alternator? I've had the car for 13 years and changing the brushes always did the trick before....

Generator light would light up until high rpms, then it would switch off.
Changed out brushes after driving from California to Ohio.
Cleaned the commutator on the generator - no change.
Re-Charged battery.
Wondering what to do next....

Thank you so much for taking a moment to help me out....

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When I do GM alternators, I change everything in there electrically.

On a GM alternator, you're talking new brushes, diode, rectifiers, voltage regulator, radio capacitor, etc.

I suggest you change all the serviceable parts inside the generator. Any parts store will be able to get them for you.

Beyond that, how old is the battery? It could be bad. Also, many generator equipped vehicles have a cutout relay (kinda like a voltage regulator) and that could be bad as well.

The thought of how poor the electrical systems are in those cars just makes me roll my eyes. Lol.

A worthy investment would also be a VW service manual or repair book. There are literally thousands of them in the libraries and on
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The voltage regulator is probably bad. Click here for generator charging system test procedures.


There's not much to replace in one of these old generators. The armature & brushes see the most wear. Occasionally you'll find an open field winding. The bearings are replacable, but usually only need to be cleaned & repacked. No diodes, no rectifier, etc.
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Knew that, but it's worth checking as far as what's in there

I have only done 10SI and other Delco type units

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