bad cylinder,piston,


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bad cylinder,piston,

I have 92 Honda Civic Dx, car is running on 3 cylinders, insted of 4, I know cylinder needs replaced, how do I replace? does whole engine need replaced? or can part only be replaced?
I have found a engine from 97 Honda accord,will that fit in 92 Civic Dx? and How do I do the switching of engines?
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not sure what you are asking you say your car runs on 3 cylinders how did you determine that if the one cylinder is low on compression it will be a mechanical problem, if that is the problem i would suggest you have a leakdown test ran on that cylinder to determine if the problem is in the valvetrain or piston and ring problem, if it is valvetrain you can fix usually by removing cylinder head and having valve job done, if the problem is in piston/ ring area it will require engine rebuild or replacement. that being said it isnt always feasable to have a valvejob done on an engine with alot of mileage where engine the lowerend of the engine is sure to fail in the near future.
i would suggest you buy a manual and read up on it and if you feel comftorable enough to do any of this work yourself.
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If you can find a Hollander Interchange manual, that should tell you if the '97 engine will bolt up to a '92. Since they are from different models, you may have to make some modifications. You might want to check a Honda specific board for information on motor mounts, etc.
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If theres a problem with the bore you typically have it bored out and use oversized rings with stock piston size. however you can also have a cylinder liner pressed in and use stock rings as well. What are your compression test readings? -josh
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Sorry guy, it sounds like you don't have any mechanical knoweledge. Otherwise you wouldn't ask how to replace an engine.

I suggest taking it in. How do you know it is running on only3 cylinders? It could be vaccuum or fuel related.

Just about the easiest thing you can do is check to make sure that all your spark plug wires are plugged in properly. one may have come off.

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