transmission and oxygen sensor


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transmission and oxygen sensor

I have a 1996 Plymouth Neon 4 cyl. Single OHC. Auto trans.

I went to AutoZone and they told me my oxygen sensor(s) were out. Would this have any affect on my transmission?

I am getting ready to move which requires a LONG road trip and my transmission is slipping and jerking and just generally acting like it wants to vomit all over me. Any suggestions of a place to get an idea of what the problem is without getting what I don't absolutely need for this trip? I am a 23 year old girl trying to learn about my car, but I don't have enough time to learn about it and see if I can fix it myself. I also don't have the money or patience for someone to yank out my trans and put it back only to tell me I need a new vacuum pump or something. Any suggestions?
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Check the level of the tranny fluid and condition. When was the last time it was changed?

If the fluid and filter were done recently and the fluid is clean and full, it souns like internal failure of the tranny. Mileage?
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my mileage is just over 78,000.

I have no idea when the fluid and filter was changed. I've heard you shouldn't change it (or was it flush it) if you don't have to because of the build up.

Condition of the fluid is reddish. Doesn't smell burnt or anything.
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Is the fluid full? Check it warm.
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i would suggest that you drive it by a transmission shop and have a technician test drive the vehicle to determine if it is actually a transmision problem , o2 sensors will not cause your transmission to slip or jerk if it is a transmission problem they should be able to give you some idea of what it will take to fix the problem, changing the fluid and filter in the transmission will in almost every case improve the shifting of a slipping transmission due to getting clean fluid to the clutches and removing some of the clutch material/sludge that has accumalated on the clutches, but it may not fix the problem either.
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Well, problem is fixed. My O2 filter still needs to be changed. But I was checking my basics and I found two of my spark boots were bad, so I replaced them all and it is driving like a new car. Weird.

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