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Joe F transam stuff

Joe, Do you know how many '79 TA WS6 4spd w/out t-top cars were made? There is one for sale locally with low miles. I think they made less non t-top cars--I know they made around 2,600 4spd cars (not counting 10th cars) of those 2,600 I do not know how many were WS6 or non t-top cars. Thanks.
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Try here:

That is a very informative T/A page. I think what you are looking for is on the bottom.

I do not buy hardtop Trans Ams, only T-top S/E ones that are fully loaded (Just me).

The 1979 Firebirds to get:

10th Anniversary, 400 4 speed.

Y84 400 4 speed with black hobnail interior and fully loaded (one of 400)

1979 Fomula WS6 400 and T tops (one of 346 and VERY VERY rare to find loaded....what a sleeper!)

1979 DKM "Macho" T/A 400 4 speed. DKM stands for "Dennis and Kyle Mecham", sons of the former governor of AZ. Their family owned a Pontiac dealer in Glendale (I think they are STILL into Macho cars!) that hopped up T/A models. They were the 70's versions of Lingerfelter and Callaway.
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Thanks, that was a good site. Pontiac made less hardtop 400, 4spd, TA's than T-top cars. I have owned two 400 4spd cars both T-tops and loaded, one was a 10th car. I do not care about T-tops or being loaded. These cars are becoming hard to find at decent prices--and the hardtop cars are often overlooked. As for the Formulas--you just don't see those in 400, 4spd combo! But I am looking all the time! Eventually, people will realize the popular SE's and 10th cars are overpriced and start looking at the really rare birds--ie. the plain jane WS6, 400, 4spd cars! I mean really, is an automatic 10th car really worth more than a 4spd base TA? Not in my book, I have no desire for an automatic car--unless it was a steal!

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