water spots on new paint


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the butchers wife
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water spots on new paint

Hello. My buddy painted my truck and put it outside when it was dry. Then it rained and now I have water spots in the paint. The paint is only 1 month old and I don't know what to use to remove the spots without removing the paint. Any ideas? Thanks
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polishing compound will take them out a electric buffer makes it alot easier but its still a job. Kit make a good product called scratch out available at most auto part stores when you get done polishing it use polish to protect finish.
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If it's a dark color, it could be acid rain damage. My black Mustang looked horrible when I bought it used. The acid actually etches into the clearcoat or paint. Cleaners and polishing compounds did not help. I had to bring it to a body shop to be buffed. He took out 95% of the damage.
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Lightbulb hard water spots

hey man Ihad the same problem long time ago and a friend here in this forum said if you use vinegar you will remove all the water spots just mix the vinegar with water and wash your car like all ways and you will see the diference (DON'T USE ANY WAX OR POLISH RUBBING COMPUND YOU WILL DEMAGE THE PAINT)
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the butchers wife
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thanks for the advice Chilango69, but unfortunatly the vinegar and water didn't work. I'm going to get some rubbing compound and try that. I'll let you all know how that worked.
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Bill Locke
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water spots

Don't do that! Use GS 27 scratch remover first! I have worked miracles with that stuff, and didnt damage the paint in any case more than was already gone...rubbing compound WILL take the clear and the paint right down to the steel if you are too agressive! Go to www.gs27.com and check it out!

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