Possible seized engine


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Possible seized engine

My son has a 97 Saturn SL2 when driving yesterday the car just died. The alternator was changed a month ago and ran good until yesterday. The battery checks good but when you turn the key the starter just clicks. I check his oil and it was very burnt on the dip stick and did not show any oil on the dip stick. If the engine did seized what must i do to get it running again.
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Probably replacing the engine is your only option at this point.... if it is indeed locked up.
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Jeez, I am so sorry. Sounds like you need to restrict your sons allowance for the next 20 years!!

If your motor is true seized, expect to be charged $3-5000 for a new one!!!

You should start with the basics, check to make sure your battery and starter are functioniong properly.

If your electrical sys is ok, you can try turning the motor manually. Try putting a socket and breaker bar on the crankshaft bolt and see if you can turn the motor over by hand. If it won't turn with a breaker bar, chances are you are seized.

Good luck, let us know what happened.
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Whoa Nelley. Add oil to the motor and rap on the starter with a hammer. If it starts, you're ok. The engine maybe damaged but you know what you are up against.

If after that, still no dice, you could feasibly have a bad starter. However, Jeremy's idea is a valid one as to engine seizing.

Saturns have an oil burning problem, so it's not unlikely it ran low/out of oil.
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if its shot you might have a go at a low mile used engine at a salvage yard. or have it bored out .020 over and use special rings (maybe good oil control ring in set) so you wont need expensive pistons. alot of work but ...engines are fun.

Hope this helps-Josh
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For an engine that won't turn over, before you assume seized engine, remove the belt(s) and make sure all the accessories turn freely. I've seen cars diagnosed more than once as seized when it was a locked up alternator or ac compressor.
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i would like to thank everyone for there advice. the enigne is not seized so that is good, but after taking the starter out which it tested bad i installed the new one and all i get is a continuous click sound instead of just one click and then nothing now it continues to click. any suggestions.
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Defective starter or bad connection.

Only use Saturn sold rebuilt starters.
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Sounds like a dead batterey to me.
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It could be dirty battery cable connections. Clean not only the battery posts and connectors, but also clean the other end of the cables.
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