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Angry More 86 Cutlass stuff

So far so good, no major problems with the car and it runs good, but just quirks.

I put the headliner up but it came back down (unglued). DO NOT EVER EVER EVER BUY A PRODUCT CALLED "HEADS UP" (headliner adhesive) unless you want to risk the same thing happening to me. The glue didn't hold, even though I sprayed heavily like instructed. I used a whole freaking can of it, and one hot SC day melted it. I'll go and get some professional stuff later when time permits.

Found out today the cause of the high/low speed vibration- a warped wheel. Drivers rear wheel has a slight warp to it. I have the chromed steel Rally wheels (factory 14X6). What is a reasonable price for a used (but decent looking) replacement? I have been twice quoted $80+. I looked on Ebay and couldn't find any. I haven't searched the majority of salvage places yet so I'll keep looking.

And I also developed an exhaust leak somewhere between the cat and the manifold. It may even be the manifold, but certainly isn't at the cat, it's closer to the engine. I'm suspecting a bad flange. Having a buddy of mine fix it soon, will post what it was. Will a medium-sized exhaust leak cause error readings in the O2 sensor?
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I told ya to have it professionally done . They are tough to do! He he.

As for the exhaust leak, you're on the money. Olds 307's leak at the donut flanges/and/or the U pipe connecting both manifolds. Fix it right away, your fuel mileage and wallet will thank you. The computer is so liberal, and it won't set a check engine light but it will sound like a bus.

As for a replacement rim, either GM or put a parts request on

You're likely to get a few hits there.

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