Power Steering Cylinder


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Bill Locke
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Power Steering Cylinder

I have a 1988 Thunderbird with a leaking transverse power steering cylinder. Is this repairable without special tools? Will a wheel alignment be required after the unit is removed , repaired, and replaced? Is it smarter to buy a rebuilt unit than to repair it?
(the leak is very small)
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if you mean the rack and pinion then buying a ramanufactured unit is probably the way to go and it will come with new inner tie rods so all you have to do is install your outer tie rod ends and assemble, and you should have it aligned at an alignment shop as soon as the unit is replaced, it is very likely the toe will be out of adjustment along with your steering wheel not centered, although you can usually get them some what close by using a tape measure and setting to 1/8 inch tow in on rear wheel drive vehicles and 1/8 inch tow out on front wheel drive vehicles, but it wont be to spec until you have it aligned at an alignment shop.
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Bill Locke
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rack and pinion

thanks! I was pretty sure that was the way to go, but knew somebody else had done it once or twice.

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