hesitation/pulsing idle/CEL P0102

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hesitation/pulsing idle/CEL P0102

Hi, When starting my car , the idle will hunt between 900 and 1100 RPMs. At this time the vacumn will flucuate between
16 and 22. When accelerating, the car will bog and hesitate
on light throttle. Sometimes the car will warm up and have
no symptoms. I am getting a check engine code of p0102
(MAF , low input). So far I have changed plugs, cleaned the IAC
valve and cleaned the throttle body. Also, one weird thing is
that while the engine is pulsing, if I move the manual shift
lever to the right or left, the idle will always change to 1500
RPMs and then revert to the pulsing. I figure that I have a
vacumn leak, but I might need a few tips on locating vacumn leaks.
1996 Mercury Mystique 2.0 liter/47000 miles

thankx, Jim
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You may have a bad MAF Sensor and it sounds like it. Try cleaning it carefully or sending it out for testing. As it's running, rap on the sensor with the handle of a screwdriver. If it smooths out or changes its tune, the sensor is wiped.

Any parts store can test it and rebuild it if needed.

Make sure the rubber boots going to the sensor are not loose, misrouted or torn.
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I have the same problem.

I ,am having the same problem with my Mazda 626.I had the diagnoses done and Joe is correct,the Mass air flow sensor is bad,and I also need a throttle positioning sensor,My question is ,can I do this job myself or should I have my mechanic do it.If it only involves removing some parts and installing the new sensors,I will do it myself.If they reccomend using the diagnoses machine after the work,I may have the mechanic do it.My Mazda has 48.000 miles on it.
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Please ask the question only once .

You've been answered in another post pertaining to this subject...please refer to the comments made by me there.
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Bad MAF resolved

I replaced the MAF sensor and that fixed the problem. BTW, my vehicle is a 1996 but I ordered a used one from auto-part.com for
a 1998 model-- and the part numbers on the sensor match exactly. Also, I confirmed the diagnosis by tapping rather firmly on the sensor with a rubber mallet while the engine was running.
I took the old unit apart and discovered that two wires had broken loose but it seems there is no easy way of reconnecting them and I sure I would fry the other components on the circuit board if I used a soldering iron.

thank you for the diagnosis!

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Good job !

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