Rotors and brake pads


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Rotors and brake pads

I just bought myself two rotors and brake pads for my 95 Honda Civic Ex and I don't know what to do. Does anyone know how to take off the old ones and install the new ones. If so, please let me know. I would like to do it myself this weekend.
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One of the best tools you can purchase for your vehicle is a repair manual. Your local parts store will have make and model specific repair and maintenance books. Usually they are also slam-packed with pictures so that aids in identifying the parts they are talking about.

Depending on the parts store you use (I get them at AutoZone) they are under $20, usually about $14.95.

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I highly reccomend you chamfer the edge of those brake pads. It seems like all but kevlar mettalics want to squeal on warm humid days. You can do it on a bench grinder or a grinding stone chucked into a power drill in a vise. Makes installation easier as well. Just take off the corners.

Hope this helps-Josh

PS if youre replacing rotors youre probably going to be cleaning and inspecting bearings and be sure to re-grease them with high melting temp grease. ( at least in the cars i own never had a civic)
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Do I have to disconnect the SRS (air bags) before I change the rotors or can I leave it the way it is.
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The air bag system has nothing to do with the brake system.....
The only way you can damage that (air bag system) is to play around with the sensors under the header panel in the front or somehow spike the computer or trigger the bag .
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Honda Brakes

I have a 90 Accord EX and had a Civic. The pads are a snap.

1. Chock the back wheels
2. Loosen lug nuts.
3. Jack up the car.
4. Remove lug nuts and tire.
5. Carefully turn the steering wheel so that the brake caliper is easier to get to.
6. On the backside of the caliper, (facing the engine side of the caliper) are two bolts; one on the top and one on the bottom. If you are only changing the pads, you need to only remove one of them.
7. Lift the caliper and remove the old pads.
8. Pop the hood and remove the brake fluid reservior cap.
9. Carefully place a "c" clamp on the caliper piston and slowly tighten the clamp. Slowly and be careful not to damage the piston.
10. Once the piston is compressed it will stay there. Place the pads in place, there may be some metal plates that clip to the back of the pads you can also purchase a type of sticky substance to keep the brakes quiet...I think it's call stop squeal.
11. Place the caliper back into position and reinstall the bolt you removed in step 6 and torque to specs in the manual you're going to buy.
12. Replace tire and torque the lug nuts.
13. Move on to the other side of the car.

Always use jackstands and do not rely solely on a jack to support the vehicle.

Do not get grease or touch excessively with your hands the pads or the rotors.

Do one side at a time. If you get confused, you always have the other side to use as a reference.

Work on the car cold. Don't work on it after you've just driven it...those pads and other things will be HOT!!!!!

After installing both sides, and the car is ready to drive...WAIT!!!! Do a check, all tools accounted for, wheel chocks out, step and pump the brakes until you feel good pressure. Remember the caliper piston you compressed? You need to get that back into position before you'll have brakes again. Carefully drive the car.....

If you're doing the rotors...I haven't done that on this particular car, but be sure to spray down the rotors with brake cleaner throughly as they are shipped with a protective (read slippery) coating that must be removed before the rotor is installed.

Take your time to do the job right.

Good luck.
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Please don't forget to replace the brake resevoir caps before pressing the brakes!

I forgot that step one time. Very messy, and made bleeding the brakes take a little longer.

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Hey Josh1, I found that cutting the corners of my pads down to right about half the original size works best for me, those brake pads are just to big!!!

Get some anti-squeek for the pads, and DON'T grind anything off of your brakes.

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