Speaking of Oxygen Sensors


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Question Speaking of Oxygen Sensors

I have a 1996 Honda Passport 3.2 L V6 with about 85,000 miles. It has four heated O2 sensors, one on the exhaust manifold pipe of each bank, one before the cat, and then one after the cat. My check engine light recently came on. The DTC code indicated that the sensor on bank 1 was not switching sufficiently. So I replace that sensor and the check engine light turned off after a couple of drives. Problem fixed. My question now is should I go ahead and replace the sensor on bank 2 or just wait till the check engine light comes when that sensor goes bad? What about the ones before and after the cat? Could any of these be effecting my gas mileage even though they have not set a code yet? At $50 a sensor I hate to replace them prematurely if I don't really need to.

Thanks for any advise.
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You're probably ok, but at this age, they get lazy from additives in the fuel.

The heated (multiple wire) ones hang on better due to being able to burn off the junk on them better than one wire ones.

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