1983 chrysler lebaron 2.2 engine


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1983 chrysler lebaron 2.2 engine

sometimes the car runs strong. at other times the engine acts like it is starving for fuel or the ignition is cutting out and then in again repeatedly. I tried a bottle of techron in the fuel tank, no help. My thought is that if it was a clogged fuel filter, the condition would not be intermittant. Their is a fuel pressure sensor with an electrical outlet that leads to the carburetor. It is some kind of electrically controlled carburetor. a predicessor to fuel injection. I can get the bucking to stop by backing off on the accelerator. the car will then only go about 35 mph. If i then step on the gas the engine will buck or die out completly. This condition used to happen only once every coupl of weeks. Now it happens almost every day, which makes the car practically unuseable.
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Need more information on the maintenance history of it. Make sure it's in sound mechanical condition and has been tuned up and serviced recently.

The electronic Holley 2 barrel carburetor on this model is very pesky and not worth a darn. Be careful about spending money on an old Chrysler heap like this, these are crap out of the box .

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