a/c question


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a/c question

two things here . first what would cause a white fog to come out of the vents when you have the air conditioning on. it's not a lot but it is noticeable if you are paying attention. does it for a few seconds then stops. also, installed a new compressor on my 97 voyager about 2 months ago and i noticed lately when you are driving with the a/c on there is a slight chirp sound that happens about every minute or two. it is a quick chirp and you can feel the engine stutter for a quck second then it is fine. it doesn't do this when the a/c is off. also , what happens most of the time when a compressor fails , does it seize, stop cooling etc. sorry for all the questions thanks
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White fog could be the signs of a leaky evaporator and that is common on Chrysler products.

Good chance there is trouble with the A/C clutch or compressor additionally based on your description.
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could very well be the sound of your belt slipping, especially if its original. Inspect it for cracks and chips in the grooves.
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My 96 voyager has the same problem. The a/c compressor is run off a seperate belt from the rest of the accessories, and does not have an automatic tensioner. Check to see if it's adjusted properly. Is the fog is usually seen in the a.m.?? On mine, it seems to be a result of the extra mugginess(sp?) in the early morning. ( the air tends to be rather 'thick' here in the northeast in the A.M.)

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