very mean woble


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very mean woble

1994 camry 2.2l(4cly) manual.
front passinger wheel(so I thought!) would woble at high speed(50 on up) lug nuts o.k.(tighten) so I change the tire. seem o.k for a while then it happen again. I've check the Axle, inner and outer boots. breaks seem to be o.k. not worn. I don't know!
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How many miles on your car?You could have worn steering or suspension parts causing this concern not just tires.You might try rotating your tires to see if anything changes.
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my 1994 2.2l camry, 4 cly., fuel injestion engine after a freeway ride, does not stay idle when I start it. I have to "gun it" in order for it to stay idled. I've check the air filter still looks new. tune was done a couple of months ago( spark plugs, oil change, anit freeze. though I did not change the pvc valve. I'm hopeing it not my catilac converter(what ever you call that muffler looking gagit.)
had that round, small header that looks like a chineese magic finger trick changed.($70.00) about 3 mos. ago.
anyway that's about all I can think of as far as info goes to help you guys help me.

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