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mazda MX6

I own a 1993 Mazda MX6, after filling the car up with gas at our local stop and go, the car would die every time I would slow down for a curve or start to stop at a red light. It would start back up with no problems and ran good other than stalling out. I traveled about 100 miles over the next 24 hours. When I started to start the car after visiting a friend the car would not start .
I finally got it started and went about a mile when it died and would not start back. The next day it started so I drove it home (1 mile) Later i got in to go somewhere and got about 1/4 mile and it died and would not start back. After sitting there about 4 hours, It started but when shut off it would not start back.

It seemed that it would die when i was clutching to slow down that it would die.

The mechanic thinks I need a new distributor cap. Someone else thinks it has something to do with a switch or sensor. Could you advise. Thank you
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well if the problem just started after getting gas you may have gotten bad gas and would be worth taking a gas sample in a clear bottle to give it a look over to see if there is any seperation in the liquids, are it could be another problem could be alot of things but you need fuel preesure, spark at plug for it to run so i would check these 3 things first.
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Have the fuel pressure checked. You could have wiped out the pump by running it low on fuel. Fuel cools and lubricates the pump.

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