1996 Plumouth Voyager


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Unhappy 1996 Plymouth Voyager

O.k. , here goes. I have a 1996 plymouth voyager (3.0 V6) that almost didn't make it home last night! The engine started bucking and surging. The 'service enging soon' light came on (never a good sign!). The cooland guage went dead (althouth the fans are still working). and the speedometer is acting like a tach. (moving when i rev the engine, even though i'm parked). I got into the driveway and put the thing in park, and the engine was idling fine!?! I can rev the engine with no problems as long as the car is in park or neutral. In gear it sputters and dies. ( the cruise control light on the steering wheel was blinking too!

Any ideas??

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probably start by checking the charging system and battery, and having codes retrieved from computer , and may require you to take vehicle to shop to have diagnosed, autozone usually will retrieve trouble codes from your computer as a free service hoping to sell you a part for whatever the code is related to which may or may not fix the problem. you can check the charging system with a voltmeter with engine off you should have around 12 volts at the battery with engine running and accesories off you should have around 14 volts.
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I get 2 fault codes: P1391 & P0340
The 1391 code is a chrysler specific code for an intermittant CMP or CKP sensor.(I'm assuming CKP is crank sensor)
The other is for a bank 1 cam sensor.

Does anyone know where the cam sensors are located on this car??
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Check the autolibrary link shown below.
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I let the engine run for a few minutes and a third code came up:P0118, ECT sensor high. I tested it using a voltmeter and it seems to be working fine! The scary part is that all the codes have one thing in common, the ECM!! I've got a feeling I'll be replacing it come monday
Does anyone know where (other than the junkyard and/or the dealer$hip) to get ECM's for chrysler products?
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Any auto parts store. And they will ask for the # off the old one to refer to the correct replacement.

Have the computer tested by the parts store before plunking down the green for a new one.
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When you say 'any auto parts store', just who do you have in mind? I checked with: NAPA, AutoZone and PepBoys,and none of them carry it. Since I work for a dealership, I'm hoping the local Chrysler dealer will give me a break on the price.
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Well, you could call John's in Wilmington or Delaware Auto Parts in Newark. Either could order it for you.

Or give my buddy Al at Installer's Express (also in Newark, just off Harmony Road) a call at 302-738-6684. They probably don't stock your ECM, but they can order it & have it in a day or 2.
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Most won't stock the specific unit as there are too many.

But as Knuckles said, they can order it for you and have it the same day or a few days later.

Of course, you work for a dealership, so compare your prices .

First have it tested to make sure it's bad!

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