R12 to R134a


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R12 to R134a

Yes I have a car with R12 in it and the air is hot so I guess it is low on freon but I have to convert to R134a how is this done. Is it done by removing R12 from system then putting R134a back in. I know you have to put the R12 in to a recovery tank when taken it out so the main question is do you have to do anything else to the system except put the R134A back in after taking R12 out. Thanks alot Steve
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The year, make, model and engine size would be a collosal start to anyone having a clue to help.....

At minimum:

1) New Orings, 134A compatible.
2) New receiver dryer.
3) Flush of old oil and new 134A compatible oil installed.
4) New barrier type R134A hoses.
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Yes need more fino but if it is a little low you may elect to add R12 back to it are if you can get some Freeze12 it will mix with R12and oil that is in syst and you can go on down road. Yes if it is low you have a leak and need to get it fix but if sys. is just one can are 12oz low this may be normal because old sys. will leak around comp. ft. seal area ect.---------To change over to R134a Dedending on type of vehical you will have to remove comp and drain all old oil out and change out acculater R filtler drier and flush ft. condencer and accumulater and refill with new PEG OIL. R134a will not mix with old oil and carry it back to comp so the comp will luckup fast.-------------May drop in freeze12 to make it throw summer and plan to change over at later date.------Good Luck---Dave------
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Why do you "have" to convert to R-134a???
Unless you absolutely, without question "have" to switch to R-134a, it will probably be cheaper to stay with R-12.
Don't use Freeze 12. It is a mixture of R-22 and R-134a and believe me, you'll really have a problem later on.
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It is illegal and stupid to mix refrigerants!

By law, you cannot 'top off' an R-12 system with anything other than R-12. Period.

Freeze-12 consists of 80% R-134a and 20% R-142b. The manufacturer claims that the 142b will carry the existing mineral oil. Experience has proven otherwise.

Freeze 12 is not a 'drop in' replacement for R-12. In fact, NOTHING is a 'drop in' replacement for R-12. Every replacement requires unique fittings at a minimum. Since Freeze 12 contains R-134a, it also requires barrier hoses and a new drier.

See the EPA website at the URL below for more retrofit information.


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