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hi guys. i have a 97 grand am 3.1 liter v6 4dr sedan. battery warning dash light came on and car stalled before final destination. would not take a boost. im thinking it is the battery since this would impede the boost whereas a faulty alternator would not. is this correct? is it not wiser to try a new battery before doing the whole alternator remove/install job. or is it the alternator anyway. ps, it has power everything. what should i do?
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Both are probably shot. The alternator light means the alternator has failed, discharged, or the belt fell off.

The car is 5 years old, so I would change the battery with winter coming up.

Change the battery, then do the charging system output check as shown in my post at the top of the forum page. If it fails that, change the alternator with an AC Delco rebuilt unit.

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