broken valve


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broken valve

I have a 1980 280ce mercedes 2.8L inline 6. Today while driving down the highway i heard a funny rattling.. hmm gets louder as rpms increase... valve train ... so it becomes more or less a huge rattling sound and I had to pull over. the oil dipstick was down 3 quarts so it must have been burning some serious oil in 10 miles of driving. Seems to me like its a broken valve but i havent gotten it towed yet to really take it apart. a few ?s

How ridiculously expensive are new mercedes valves?

Can i just do one valve or would that warrant me an idiot of the year award?

Whats the most common cause of valve breaking?

This is a DOHC engine. Do you have to take out the camshaft for valve replacement? Ive only worked with pushrods.

THe valve train has always been a little noisy but i have good 3 bar @ high revs oil pressure.

Im not sure if the piston is holed or the shaft of the valve is still in the guide but you can defintely hear it rattling around inside. Is this a really time consuming repair? Id honestly like to get the valves on whichever side broke worked and just fit new valves and headgasket and call it a day scored piston or not. hopefully bore is OK. I was actually planning on selling the car as soon as i finish my project bugeye sprite. Quite a conundrum whether its worth it to fix or not.

Thanks for ideas/help-Josh
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Take the heads off (if a compression check reveals there are problems) and send them off to a competent machine shop for R&R. Best bet unless you have the specialized equipment to check for problems.

I can't see the valves being that bad in price, I'm sure there are quality aftermarkets out there.
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