Back tires locked up


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Back tires locked up

I have a 1989 Honda Accord LXi 4-door. I was coming back from the mailbox and it felt very sluggish-it just did not want to go that good. It has been parked for about a week and I tried moving it after having a hard time releasing the parking break. The front tires spin and the back tires are not moving and are locked up. It happens when I put it in any gear (automatic transmission). I tried pulling it forward and the back tires are just dragging. Please help!!!!!! Is there any way to disable the parking break if that is the problem?
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Same thing happened to me, but not on a Honda. Usually there's 2 cables. one to the rear brakes, second from the handbrake lever. The cables meet at a Y shaped gizmo. You will find that the front cable - to the lever- has snapped. When you put a little more upward pressure on the lever to release it, the cable snapped, leaving the brakes full on. You need to get under , pull apart the gizmo and the brakes will release. Just remember to tie the gizmo and rear cable up out of the way, and get the front cable replaced ASAP.

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