furl filter?


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furl filter?

I've got a 90 grand prix with the 3.1 6 cyl. When I come to a stop the engine will rev at about 1500 and when i hit the gas it stalls it wiil do this 3 or 4 times then run normally. I've tried changing the plugs and putting a good injector cleaner through it. Could this be the the fuel filter or is it a deeper problem? I'm not great with car's but i'd like to do this myself. Any advise is welcome.

Thanx, the pizza guy
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start by cleaning the throttle plate and iac motor just remove air intake hose with engine off clean with carb cleaner any sludge that has built up at throttle plate have someone hold the gas pedal to the floor will make this easier, then you remove the 2 screws that hold on the iac motor you will probably have to take off oil cap to access one easier clean any carbon built up on iac motor shaft and reinstall and disconnect your battery for about 30 seconds and see if the problem still occurs.
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Bejay has a good idea but I would like to add after you disconnect the battery you need to perform an idle learn procedure.To do this start the car with a/c off and place it in drive with your foot on the brake and idle for 10 minutes or until the cooling fan cycles once,then place it in park turn off the car wait at least 5 seconds and repeat above directions for 5 minutes,now your good to go.BTW anytime you diconnect your battery or lose its charge this needs done for proper idle.Good luck.

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