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I know this is a auto forum and not a motorcycle forum. But there is no good bike forums I know of. My question is some of my friends told me that using car oil in a motorcycle is ruining the engine, so I wanted to know is the 10w 40 oil in the bike shop that cost 7.95 a quart the same as the 10w 40 oil in the auto store. I posted here because I have gotten great help on my car here.
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i would think so check your owners manual for the specified grade and weight you should be running in your bike.
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Look for whatever API grade is recommended in the owner's manual and choose that.

E-mail the oil companies and ask them. They will gladly answer your question. Should be the same thing unless we are talking 2 cycle oil
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I may be all wet but...

when I used to ride, I bought "motorcycle" oil for my bike. A bike mechanic advised to do so. His reasoning: common sump for engine AND transmission. Supposodly, bike oil has more "anti-shear" additives to help the oil put up with lubricating both the engine and transmission.
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It depends on what is recommended

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