More Anti-Freeze Questions


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More Anti-Freeze Questions

I searched " ethylene glycol" and found some really spirited opinions.

This is my question:

A fairly famous car radio talk show host recently plundered Dexcool as nothing more that the OEMs' compliance with EPA rules. He said to get Dexcool out of your cooling systems and replace with regular ethylene glycol mix, saying that his shop has seen many occurences of " gumming" of heater cores, etc.

He went on to say that Dexcool was developed for heavy truck diesel engines largely because of EPA regs concerning disposal. I have been in the trucking industry for twenty years, and do remember when Cummins, CAT, and Detroit Diesel started using Dexcool, under the Texaco name.

Ok, guys....let's hear the opinions on this one. If an automobile OEM recommends Dexcool, what about replacing with old style Prestone?
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No, follow what the manufacturer recommends without reservation. They do it for reasons.

Dexcool has some enhanced cooling capabilities and may be required with some modern engines.

On my cars I flush the coolant with regular green once a year. Never any cooling system problems.
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If you are referring to Texaco's long life coolant here is the info:
It is a single-phase, ethylene glycol with a long life organic corrosion inhibitor with nitrite added.It meets ASTM -D- 4656, 3306 for automotive service. It is good for 150, 000 miles and adding the Texaco extender it is good for another 150,000 miles.
Mixed with deionized water 50/50, it will give protection to -34F and boil over protection to 265F with a 15 lb pressure cap.
It is phosphate and silicate free.
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Warranty Problems

If your car is under warranty and you replace the Dexcool with regular anti-freeze GM will void the warranty. They are very strict about this. Seen it happen on a '98 Blazer.
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i can see how it could void your vehicle warranty if you do change it out probably depend on the dealer though.
i have replaced dexcool with regular antifreeze after completely flushing out the cooling system to rid the system of all dexcool and have heard that you shouldnt never mix them as it could cause early waterpump and seal failure.
but i would agree that the extended life part of dexcool is a joke ive seen 2 year old vehicles that looked like they should of been 10 years old and never been flushed and have excessive deposits in the radiater also.

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