ignition 1993 Nissan Quest question


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ignition 1993 Nissan Quest question

I have a 1993 Nissan Quest with automatic transmission and V6 engine. The trouble is with the ignition lock in the steering coloumn. It would start the engine just fine, but it would not turn off the engine. I had to pull out the fuse to the engine control to get it to turn off. I replaced the ignition lock cylinder thinking it was the problem. Now it will not start or anything even with the old cylinder back in it. The key does not click when you turn it to the ACC , ON, and START positions as it used to with either the new or old lock cylinder. The lights in the instrument panel stay on like the key is in the ON position right before starting the engine regardless of where the key is. They will not go off without disconnecting the battery. Also the steering wheel will not lock even with the key in the lock position. Please let me know what you think the problem could be. I would greatly appreciate a response as soon as possible.
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Check the electrical portion of the ignition switch, it could be sticking closed causing the concern.

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