where is the oil leak coming from?


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where is the oil leak coming from?

my girlfriend's 94 accord, 4 cyl. started a slow oil leak 2 weeks ago. it was about 1 drop per night, so i just kinda ignored it. now it's worse. maybe 5 drops a night. i can see where it's coming from, but don't know what it's called. looks almost like a gasket has given out. here is a picture you can take a look at and gimmie some advice.


it's within the green circle. just to the right of the flywheel looking thing. close to the top of the green circle, but within it still, there is a gray line that goes diagonally toward top right. that is where it looks like a gasket shifted. i can kinda see inside and see clean metal. any idea what it is, or how much it'll be to fix?

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Great pic. Double check to see if its not coming from the crank seal. If the seal has shifted, you will need to replace the oil pan gasket. This is what is called oil pan gasket. Use OEM or a good one dont use cheap gaskets. The gasket is not that expensive but the labour cost. Keep me posted.


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